Self Portrait - Anger

Linda Blacker is a London based Fine Art Photographer.  Her work has a unique style, intertwining fantasy and reality to create eye catching, colourful results. Linda’s distinctive artistic style is beginning to forge a powerful and prominent pathway in the photographic industry, leading all who view her creations into a fantastical world of stories.

Having worked with a range of impressive clients including 20th Century Fox, Vodafone and Capital FM, Linda has a wealth of experience when approaching exciting new projects where she is proud to work as the creative director, set designer and retoucher on all her photo shoots.

Linda also writes short stories for her Fine Art pieces, which are launched to her online audience of almost 100k followers across her platforms of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

From photographs inspired by fairytales, to imagery capturing her unique, colourful and original characters; her work is truly varied and in many respects extremely emotive.

Linda is extremely dedicated to her craft, truly imaginative and will always strive to achieve without hesitation, the best possible results for her clients. Linda is available for a whole range of photography requests, from commissions to campaigns, simply get in touch today via our contact form.